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Zain Aluminium offers a broad scope of expelled louver frameworks that oblige an assortment of ventilation, concealing and stylish necessities. Upheld by various distinctive edge and section choices our louver reach can either be incorporated with dividers, like coated frameworks, or on the other hand fixed to the outside of the structure. Louver edges may likewise be fitted into pivot, turn or sliding board alternatives.

Zain Aluminium being firmly connected with engineers to improve the introduction and capacity of structures over the previous years. Our items incorporate air louvers, divider louvers, design louvers, louver boards, and so forth We guarantee that you will get aptitude craftsmanship, best cost and excellent managing Rainbow.

The essential capacity of aluminium louvers in-divider establishment is the section of air while impeding undesirable components entering the structure. As per the application, one can pick the kind of louver. Aluminium louvers are utilized as vision hindrances to cover housetops and to make protection or to shroud unattractive things. Overhangs utilizing aluminium louvers are an able method to impede direct daylight yet give regular light to space. They spread the external front of the pipeline which adds magnificence to the height of the primary structure

We guarantee to give you durable, smooth completed, exquisite louvers that are tweaked to serve explicit necessities of clients.

Types of Aluminium Louver

Operable Louver-Shields the admission of air and openings of the fumes. This kind of aluminium louver is planned to encourage opening and shutting of cutting edges. An electric actuator is provided alongside an operable louver.

Air-estimating louver-The vertical edges of this louver are near one another, and keep water from leaking inside.

Writing material Louver-This sort of Aluminium louver is made out of an airfoil or calculated edges, which are ideal for soundproofing and gives security from extraordinary climate conditions. Fixed louvers give plan adaptability and forestall downpour invasion whenever utilized in the encompassing condition, except for blustery downpour.

Considered as an efficient decision among its partners, a fixed louver gives high free zone opposition too. Fixed louvers are of 2 sorts.

Drainable Blade Louvers-Drainable louvers shield the admission of air and give incredible water entrance qualities when contrasted with other fixed louvers. In every louver cutting edge, the louver joins a channel drain on the edges. The water escapes through the louver ledge, which got gathered in the cutting edge channel drain.

Non-Drainable Blade Louvers-These louvers are produced either in the J or K style edge. Applications that don’t concern water invasion ought not to utilize these kinds of Aluminium louver. With a non-drainable edge louver, introduced into where you need it, it permits basic plan adaptability.

Sight Proof louvers-This kind of Aluminium Louver is unmistakable with the chevron-style louver edge it has and restricts visual access as for any point. It goes about as a screen to disguise hardware and is accessible in two designs drainable and non-drainable.

Customizable Louvers-It comprises of airfoil sharp edges, which is pressed firmly.

Mix Louvers-If static weight is applied aside of the sharp edges, it will open, and opens totally, if pressure is applied from the opposite side.

Louver Usage in Infrastructure

Louver windows can oppose the weight brought about by cyclonic conditions. Spots inclined to twisters have louver windows. Louvers have wide use as flood openers, containing folds that move, other than letting floodwater to stream all through a structure. This reduces any structural harm caused to the dividers because of the flood.

Advantages of Aluminium Louver

Strength When contrasted with different metals, for example, copper and steel, aluminium is lightweight and tough. This property when joined with sturdiness, is the explanation behind its higher solidarity to-weight proportion.

Adaptability With its property of adaptability, aluminium can be formed to meet the client’s necessity, and with no difficulty just fits space. Based on the ventilation framework required, various sorts of louvers can be made utilizing Aluminium.

Eco-accommodating Since Aluminium doesn’t lose its physical properties, it is frequently reused over and over. Being 100% recyclable, there rises no compelling reason to dump aluminium on a landfill. Aluminium louvers have extraordinary manageability and are energy effective.

Feel Aluminium louver needs practically zero upkeep. Aluminium keeps up its introduction all things considered, since it is impervious to consumption. With the correct tone and finish, an aluminium louver can tastefully improve the excellence of any structure.

The rising interest for practical structure materials can be ascribed to the expansion in the significance given to an eco-accommodating way of life. Aluminium Louver is an extraordinary case of this and is a relatively decent alternative for ventilation. In the event that there is a manageable method to decrease both cooling and warming costs, at that point louvers do it consummately. In addition, aluminium louver checks the atmosphere and permits outside air to leak in while delivering flat air. Aluminium louver will be an incredible expansion to your home, considering the few preferences it has.



  • While installing, it is suspended in such a way that it prevents the entry of sand particles into the filter. Thus it prevents the accumulation of sand particles with time.
  • Requires occasional cleaning, since it has sufficient capacity to store an enormous amount of dust accumulating on it.
  • Conventional filters are sensitive and the airflow will be obstructed with dust particles. A sand trap louver prevents the entry of dust into the duct system by purifying it in the start itself.
  • Up to 90% efficiency and design flexibility
  • Withstands extreme weather conditions.
  • Tends to last long since it’s made of extruded Aluminium and resists corrosion
  • Great finishing
  • Self-cleaning mechanism
  • Bird and insect screens are available. Also prevents the entry of large objects, besides the entry of dust particles.
  • Improves aesthetics


Despite the fact that Sand Trap louvers require no upkeep, periodical investigation of edges for any mileage ought to be finished. With time, residue and sand particles start to collect in the sand trap louvers and ought to be cleaned at regular intervals. The louvers ought to be cleaned quickly in the event that it is presented to synthetics. A sand trap louver can be cleaned utilizing a gel cleaner and a spotless, delicate material. After the cleaning, the surface ought to be flushed with water. In seaside zones, the louvers ought to be cleaned oftentimes. In regions that are not typically washed by downpour, the louvers ought to be given specific consideration. Never utilize brutal cleaning fluid to clean louvers, since it can harm its surface.

These days, there is a developing significance for sand trap louvers, going about as a pre-channel for traditional channels. Other than separating residue and sand particles, a sand trap louver encourages natural air consumption. Consequently, a sand trap louver is an ideal alternative for dust filtration. It avoids any harm caused to gear and forestalls stopping up inside the channel

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