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At  Zain Aluminum we offer to cut off a non-treated glass. Whenever required we can visit a site take estimations and specially cut the necessary glass upon endorsement from customers and convey to the necessary area. We can likewise clean and twofold coating the glass with shading blends whenever required. We likewise do unendingness mirrors glass requiring finished edges ie tabletops, mirrors, racks, and bureau entryways can be removed quickly while the client pausesZain, being the bosses of glass cutting in Dubai, gives handling of a wide range of glass and gem. With imaginative innovation and capable craftsmen, we configuration glass with the most extreme accuracy and play out the change of glasses. Profitable value, nature of administration, craftsmanship recognize us from our rivals. We offer glass cutting administrations in Dubai for both business and homegrown customers. Regardless of whether you have high volume or low volume or high volume determination, we can do it for you. No size is too large, or no shape is excessively uncommon for Zain.

glass cuting

From retail store shelves to doors and windows in our homes, glass is an essential part of interior space. Cutting a fragile material like glass is undeniably hard. There arises the need for glass cutting services. We at ZainAluminium offer glass cutting services, be it the mirror, glass panels, tabletops, shower doors, and more. It doesn’t matter where the glass fixture is, we repair or change glass fixtures.

Our experienced glaziers will assist you in picking the right pane according to your specifications. They have years of experience in the field and know all the cutting techniques for various types of glass. We offer glass cutting services for commercial and residential areas alike

We are recognized by our nature of administration, and experts who are experienced and polite who can deal with even the most perplexing undertakings. Regardless of in the event that you have low volume or high volume detail, we are prepared to give our administrations.

We cut glass in any shape or size as per your prerequisite, and guarantee that the edging is done. We cut-

  • Glass boards in the carport entryway, window, gateways
  • Sliding glass ways to build room space and improve the splendor of the room
  • Edge less shower entryways that can accommodate your washroom.
  • Glass racks for capacity reason as indicated by your plan needs
  • Glass table tops for feasting and end table
  • Uniquely crafted mirror to improve the vibe of any room and light up the space.


Our expert glass cutters subsequent to choosing the best sort of glass will quantify and introduce the glass with flawlessness. These are a portion of the cycles associated with glass cutting:

Interview After understanding the specific reason for the glass, our professionals will pick the sort of glass required by your necessity. They will take the estimations, decide the glass thickness and the glass edge you need. Our craftsmen will examine with you the most ideal sort of glass that coordinates the client’s need, the time is taken for the cycle, the plan determination.

Cutting-Our experts will slice the glass as indicated by the size. A water fly is utilized for the reason, guaranteeing total security of the glass being cut. We cut glass is cut into the redid size and shape.

Inclining You can browse an assortment of edge profiles, for example, level, 1½” Bevel, 1-¼” Bevel, ¾” Bevel, Miter, OG angle and some more. Rainbow gives a wide assortment of tendencies and client can pick that addresses his issues


To guarantee additional security from any inadvertent breakage, we offer wellbeing glasses, for example,

Covered GLASS

Like intelligent glass, a covered glass secures against UV radiation, controls sun glare, and limits sound contamination. Subsequently it guarantees that your furniture goes on for quite a while.

Treated glass

When contrasted with ordinary glass, a safety glass endures long. In the event that the glass breaks coincidentally, at that point it will break in round 3D square shapes, not at all like how an ordinary glass breaks creating sharp and harsh pieces.

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