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glass partition

Zain Aluminium gives an expert Glass Partition administration for clients all through the UAE. A full-length frameless glass segment offers your home or office with a roomy zoneA, which permits the rooms to hold common light, just as giving an alluring and classy appearance for within and outside.The coating is explicitly intended to lessen the measure of obvious structure to permit an open appearance for the segment. The multifaceted plans actualize the utilization of floor turns, which permit the entryway to be effectively opened. There are numerous styles and shades of allotments for you to browse, from iced to plain to colored. They can be introduced according to your own inclinations, be it aspects, straight striking lines, or elegant bends. The glass segments are reinforced together utilizing essentially undetectable joints or silicone joints to offer the most consistent completion conceivable. Frameless glass parcels are completely demountable and incorporate a wide assortment of fittings and installations relying upon the particular necessities, for example, entryway outlines, redirection heads, and reducer posts.

Zain Aluminium offers a wide assortment of glass parcel administrations to business, public and mechanical areas. We emerge your thoughts by participating in each phase of it, directly from the idea, rousing to make an obliging plan with an appropriate asset the board. Our designing group makes the glass in a customized structure meeting your interests. We flexibly and introduce to your place with the help of our accomplished and expert specialized group.

We have a wide assortment of segment plans to browse, some of them are frameless, detached, high divider, secluded, chamber dividers, and so on advantages that the glass segment brings to you are regular daylighting, security with visual straightforwardness, space-sparing, and some more. The glass parcel is a current hot pattern in home insides in Dubai. Security and haziness are constrained by choosing the kind of glass that best suits your necessities. We value helping our clients to make dynamic spaces to their advantage.



Portable partition: With glass partitions, your spaces become flexible; they can be redesigned and styled compared to fixed partition walls. This application is beneficial for commercial and workplaces as they require more frequent changes compared to residential buildings.

Acoustic features: Privacy and transparency features go hand in hand with these glazed walls. They provide pretty good soundproof from the external environment, even with high visual transparency. Half-height walls can fairly balance between visual and acoustic transparency. Designs on the glass surface can help to increase the privacy of the space contained in it. Colour tinted or frosted glasses assure increased privacy for your areas.

Economical re-modeling: Whether it is the future expansion of your working space or restyling of its interiors, Glass walls always complement the activity. Glass partition walls are easy to install and move from one position to another without spending huge amounts of money on it. The maintenance charges are also minimal for these glass structures.

interior partition

  • Because of its transparency glass partition allows natural light to seep inside.
  • Unlike drywall, it is easily removable and need not be permanent.
  • Glass partition can be adjusted according to your necessities by fixing it anywhere you feel like.
  • When compared to drywall, a glass-partition is of good value for the money paid.
  • With sufficient light inside, you don’t need any extra lighting thus eliminating the need for any extra light.
  • Because of improved transparency, with a glass partition, there will be much satisfaction among employees if it’s a part of an office.
  • Because of the transparency of a glass partition people in a workplace will be much more sociable than before.
  • Scalability and convenience.

glass partition


Glass Partition makes a Beautiful Workspace. Glass parcel gives a much-refined look to a workspace more than ever. With the assistance of a drywall parcel, you can make different designs in an office space.

Glass parcel can be an aspect of your entryway or an aspect of the passageway. Glass allotments are planned with the end goal that compactness is given more significance, and these parcels can undoubtedly be moved by one’s needs when contrasted with the conventional segment. This implies no utilization of uncommon instruments or shut the structure for a redesign.

At Zain Aluminum, we love to plan and make glass allotments for office and homegrown space. Anticipate improved efficiency, the prosperity of staff, and stylish allure on your space. Improve effectiveness, be more centered around work due to less commotion.

A financially savvy arrangement, our glass parcel range is planned to introduce it rapidly with no trade-off to soundness.With the glass segment, you can immediately transform your open office space into space with complete protection to you.

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