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Zain aluminium offers custom metal furniture manufacture administrations across Dubai, Sharjah and all emirates in the U.A.E. We have manufactured porch grandstands, bureau, feasting tables, office tables, yard furniture, T.V stands, speaker stands, and open-air lighting structures.

All things have alternatives of powder covering, wood impact covering, coarseness, surface, collectible or much very serious shine finish choices as we have our own in house powder covering office.

We have a phenomenal group of imaginative experts who will in general rejuvenate your thought or achieve life to your vacant space with our extraordinary plan thoughts.

Send us your necessity subtleties and we will unquestionably hit you up.

You may think that its difficult to pick an uncommon bit of wonderful furniture for your announcement room. Perhaps you have seen it elsewhere in your companion’s condo or probably in any film, yet you might be looking for a well-suited spot to get it. Here Zain Aluminium comes as a genuine hero with a lot of custom metal furniture alternatives.

We award you a total help bundle that begins with the select conversation with the client. Through that, we will conclude the furniture plan, and the outline will be given to you. From that point onward, we will begin creating it. Our custom metal furniture bundle will incorporate the last establishment as well. You, as a client, don’t have to face any challenge all through the method.

Our team of master installers are situated all through the nation and are all around prepared in custom metal furniture organization and the establishment of items with security guidelines.

custom metal furniture



Custom furniture can be created by your necessities, be it the measurement, size, or plan. The furniture piece can be estimated and made to suit the elements of your room. You can choose every single component of your custom furniture Dubai, for example, the material, texture type, shading, and so forth and practical angles like the number of fittings or drawers. You can choose to include capacity alternatives too, consequently guaranteeing great usefulness.


Perhaps the best bit of leeway of a uniquely designed furniture is that you get quality furniture for the cash you have spent. Since specially designed furniture is made only for you, you can choose the material you like and don’t care for, for example, compressed wood. A household item made of valuable material that you picked will unquestionably stand the trial of time. You get the quality that you are actually searching for.


Custom furniture gives a lot of extra room since it can be made in any size and shape that you require. Accordingly, it spares a ton of room, and it will be a gift, particularly in the event that you have a space constraint and use the most extreme out of least space. For example, in the event that you have a little room and need a bed that precisely fits the room, at that point it will be smarter to go for handcrafted furniture.


Suppose if you have bought a piece of furniture with great interest and later discovers that it doesn’t fit the room? There are instances where an error while measuring can make a piece of furniture unfit for your home. Custom made furniture doesn’t have this problem and fits exactly where you want it to be. Custom furniture Dubai allows you to choose the style you like, to best suit your space.

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