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acp cladng

Zain Aluminium offers aluminium ACP Cladding for shopping centers, building veneers, shop fronts, office spaces, insides fit-outs, promoting, and signage. We use fire appraised boards adjusting to industry necessities and guarantee a smooth outside completion with no twists and flaws.

ALUCOBOND, ALUPEX, and ALUBOND boards are the standard brands of sheets we use for all our manufacture except if indicated by the client.

Aluminium Composite Panel is where a non-aluminum center ties double aluminum sheets. Aluminum Cladding is primarily utilized for making surface cladding for building.

For a seemingly perpetual showcase, you should have standout material for making it. That is actually what we use here. At Rainbow Aluminum, we ensure the best Aluminum Cladding administrations second to none. Our objective is flawlessness.

Why Zain Aluminium for ACP Cladding/ Aluminium Cladding?

Being an economical material in the market, its best to choose Zain Aluminium for ACP cladding and Aluminium Cladding. Initial cost being low and great endurance, one is free from additional expenses. With a supplementary saving of expenses from gas and energy. ACP cladding at Zain Aluminium is more or less not prone to breakage and resistant to fire.

With a booming demand in the field of construction, ACP has got tremendous usage options for builders. We offer predominant ACP cladding services in Dubai adhering to an excellent standard of material and innovation brought to you. The benefit that you get from choosing us is that you will receive, besides ACP cladding, many services just from the same place.

ACP Cladding Services Aluminium Cladding Services by Zain Aluminium offer panels that are versatile which can either be mould into the required shapes. Our panels fabricated by Zain Aluminium are such that it can withstand every weather.

The panel is made such that it’s available in the shades of metal, non-metal, wooden and much more.

acp cladding

ACP sheets have the ability to change the entire way your home and place of business look. Picking the able outside exterior material is vital since it will influence the manner in which a spot shows up and improves the estimation of a spot. We should investigate the colossal utilizations of ACP cladding.

ACP cladding has a more noteworthy inclination to shimmer when utilized in the inside of structures. ACP claddings have incredible utilization in regions like little and enormous homegrown and business spaces. Nowadays ACP cladding is accessible in various alluring plans which gives it a contemporary look and feel.


ACP cladding is known for its strong physical property, and that’s why it has widespread usage. Moreover, ACP cladding withstands any weather condition and is not prone to rust. Using  in your home is a great option since, besides these properties, It has both the properties of heat and noise insulation.


Known for its eco-friendly nature and recycling capacity, recycling ACP cladding isn’t a big deal and can be done without losing its quality. Many a time the ACP panel that you use for construction is a recycled one and sometimes it can even be a part being used earlier. But it’s easier to recycle the leftover pieces. Aluminium tops the list of most recyclable material.


The weight of construction material will influence the gross cost of construction. This is because of the fact that you need either equipment or means of transportation for moving the dense material to the site and the process doesn’t end there. Then the workers have to move it, which consumes a significant amount of time. Most commonly preferred options besides an ACP cladding are timber, vinyl, and much more, known for its weight. And a great option for all these is the ACP panel.


When contrasted with other materials, for example, marble is less poisonous. The laborers of marble creation experience the ill effects of medical problems yet not in the situation of laborers associated with aluminum creation. Assembling of ACP cladding sheets is finished guaranteeing exacting measures.

When contrasted with other structures material aluminum is a lot more secure since they don’t deliver any gases or exhaust that are destructive to humans.


Keeping up Aluminum Cladding board isn’t so much as an errand. It’s just a theoretical thing. When contrasted with lumber, metals, and significantly more, the upkeep cost is a lot of lower. The upkeep must be done based on the area, where a rustic spot with ACP cladding requires short of what one cleaning every year, and in a modern zone needs up to twice every year. Also, cleaning isn’t an undertaking, and anybody can do it.

You can dispose of the dirt and soil in one wash where you can utilize cleaning fluids for that reason.


ACP cladding sheets have an FR grade highlight, which itself implies protection from fire. This is on the grounds that the mineral center comes in the middle of the Aluminum layers. Have confidence that the sheets won’t be inclined to start up to 600-degree Celsius and oppose as long as 5 hours. This makes it appropriate for utilization at a little home to an enormous structure. ACP boards have three layers out of which the center layer is non-aluminum, and the outside layers are made of aluminum. Every one of these layers is made with heatproof materials.

Various Color RANGE

While settling on ACP cladding choice, you have a lot of alternatives. ACP cladding reasonable for both your inside and outside is accessible, and you can settle on the choice with respect to which cladding is ideal for your business. It will seem as though some other material utilized for a similar reason by giving it a similar tone like that. It is accessible in excess of 40 tones. It’s conceivable that one can without much of a stretch alter any shading they need for the ACP cladding.

acp cladding


As said earlier ACP cladding is functional. Some of them include corrosion-resistant, durability, fire-resistant, eco-friendly, and so on. The list doesn’t end here, and also includes safety in earthquakes and makes the space soundproof and not easily prone to damage made by human and recycling quality.


ACP has a great sustainable property that qualifies it for being a building material since one prefers more sustainable material for this kind of purpose. Mostly the material might be used before for construction purposes and recycled later on.

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ACP cladding sheets have the great property of customisation. It can be moulded into any shape according to your requirement. Adding to that, these cladding sheets can be painted in any colour which you like, and even you can choose wooden and stone shades to give it an appearance like that.


ACP cladding is known for its durability and lasts up to a span of 30 years. Because of its strong nature, it can be shaped any way you like. When combined with other metals, aluminium gains more endurance.


So you might be asking why aluminium is corrosion resistant. This is because aluminium has a protective coat on it, which came into existence after the pre-treatment process. But you might have another question in your mind. That is if not treated, then aluminium will be prone to get rusted. But this isn’t true.

Aluminium has a rare property of forming a sheer layer of aluminium oxide. Because of this layer aluminium is free from corrosion. But always remember the fact that places with an extreme level of everything need special ACP cladding- both maintenance and corrosion-resistance.

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